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Hello, I was just wondering if anybody here is a certificate student (or has completed a certificate)?  If so, I would appreciate any comments you have on how you feel/felt about the program or how useful you believe it to be for moving into design-related careers (as opposed to a bachelors).

I've recently finished my B.A. in anthropology at The College of William and Mary, and am hoping to explore design related options.  While at school, I realized that I much preferred my theatrical lighting course (and etc) to my social science courses.  I love installation art, cinematography, color, texture, photography, and interior design--although short of theatrical applications and some amateur photography, I unfortunately have little practical experience.  In short, I love design; and I want to see how I fare in a design-centric setting while moving towards professional competency, but without devoting another 4 (or 3.5 in my case) years to an undergraduate degree; because, at this point, I am ready to start a career-related life beyond college as soon as I feel I have the technical and creative skills to be marketable in a field of interest to me.  (I am mainly considering the Interior Concepts certificate, although the photography program is also of interest to me.)  Any comments people may have would be appreciated (from the two certificates I mentioned or otherwise).

(I chose to post this here rather than the freshman community since, although it would be my first year at Ringling, I've already been through college once; and I figured you all might be better able to answer my questions.  Hope that's acceptable!)
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