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Call for Artists in Orlando, FL


Call for Artists

Alienation Art


November 11, 2007

Held at The Office Gallery and Art Studios in Orlando, Florida

Presented and organized by Claire Balgemann, Dawn Borglund, Katie McLemore


 Alienation Art is a community-wide art exhibition held at The Office Gallery and Art Studios featuring visual, digital and performance art. The organizers of this exhibition are seeking to promote art and artists in the community while furthering the consideration and understanding of alienation on a personal, relational and global level.

Subject Matter: Physical or digital art including paintings, drawings, photographs, digital prints, sculpture, film, animation and hypertexts centered around the theme of Alienation. Art may be social, political, or personal in nature. Each artist may submit up to three pieces.   

Deadline: Completed art must be submitted by November 5, 2007. E-mail AlienationArt@gmail.com to arrange art submission with Claire, Dawn or Katie. Art will be stored with the organizers until the close of the exhibition, not at The Office Gallery and Art Studios.  

Accepted Work: Hanging pieces must be ready to display with standard eye hooks and wire. Sculptures must be accompanied with a pedestal if the piece requires one. For digital art, include in your application if you would like to submit digital art but can find no other way of obtaining the relevant technology to display it.

The organizers of this event are in charge of displaying and presenting all submitted art pieces in the space provided by The Office Gallery and Art Studios. Any work deemed by the organizers to be unsafe, not gallery ready, or outside the theme will not be displayed at the event. We will do our utmost to handle all artwork properly; however, the organizers of this event are not responsible for damaged work. Artists are responsible for insuring their own work. The organizers of this have the right to hold all submitted artwork from November 5, 2007 to November 12, 2007 and may display submitted artwork for the duration of the event. Artists will not be paid for the display of their artwork but artists may attach a price to their art in the book of artists if the price is submitted in the application.  

Application for Entry: Please include the following items in an e-mail to AlienationArt@gmail.com: 


            Address (including city and zip code)

            Phone Number

            E-Mail you may be reached at

Brief biography of yourself (to be placed in a book of artists at the exhibition)

For each piece you submit (up to 3 per artist) include:

-          Name of the piece

-          Date it was created

-          Dimensions

-          Medium

-          Price (optional)

-          Brief statement of how the piece shows the theme of Alienation (no more than 100 words)


Please include the following written statement with your submission(s):

            I, _______________________________, understand and agree to all terms of entry for this event and grant the organizers of Alienation Art to display my work for the duration of the exhibition. In the rare event that an art piece is damaged, I will not hold the organizers of Alienation Art responsible. I agree to have my name, biography and the art piece’s information displayed either near the art piece or in the book of artists.

            Signature___________________________________ Date______________


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