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A plea for the masses!

So, as anyone who lives on campus knows, housing shite of doom is due next week, and that either means it's squatting time, or the time has come to find a few good men/women to cling to in the hopes of getting campus housing. My roommates and I had expected ourselves to be lumped in the first group, but we found out yesterday that we're going to be involuntarily shoved into the latter.
One of my current roommates isn't going to have enough credits to live on campus next year (you need twelve per semester, she only has nine), and the others and I are suddenly scrounging around for a new fourth before housing papers are due on the 13th. Two of us are without a mode of transport, so living off campus is not an option. If you are a chick in need of some last minute roommates for next year, we're in the same boat. Three would-be senior illustrators, friendly, kind folk who smell quite nice on a normal basis!

Any takers? Please reply, or refer us to anyone you know that'd like to chill with us next year!

Thanks be to you much,

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